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Our Story

We want to welcome you to the Rockin R Farm! We are a small, family operated, 3rd generation breeder/owner of the rare and endangered Old Kentucky Saddler (Mountain Pleasure Horse). There are only around 2000 of these heritage horses left alive today, and you will be one of the few, lucky enough to experience Kentucky's natural beauty aboard the oldest gaited breed of horse in North America. We are thrilled to have you join us on what, we believe, will be one of your greatest, and most enjoyable, equine adventures...welcome y'all!!!


Our Horses :

The  Rockin R Farm is proud to be the largest breeding farm of Old Kentucky Saddlers (Mountain Pleasure Horses) currently in the world, today. There are only around 2000 of these beautiful, heritage horses left, and we boast a herd of around 40 horses at all times. We are proud to both breed and train our horses right here on the farm, and use our horses for not only trail riding, but competitive obstacle, drill team and demonstrations for the world renowned Kentucky Horse park and Breyerfest annually.

Our Farm:


The Rockin R Farm is a beautiful 70 acre farm located in Jeffersonville, Kentucky, about an hour East of Lexington. We sit high atop gorgeous, rolling hillside landscape and have both an outdoor (140'x250') arena and a covered/indoor (80'x100') arena in which to practice our trail obstacle and drill team skills. 


Welcome to the Rockin' R!!! 

Click on the side arrows for a few pics of our adventures here on the farm! Hope to see you soon!

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